Craft Breweries in San Diego

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San Diego Craft Breweries

For those of you that have been living under a rock for he last 10 years, when it comes to craft breweries, San Diego is the Mecca.  With over 60 different craft breweries in San Diego no other city can even come close.  Craft breweries are so predominant in San Diego that its combined revenue is more than all of Comic Con.  Still not convinced?  In 2010 Ballast Point Brewery was named Champion Brewery by the World Beer Cup. In 2014 Coronado Brewing Company was awarded the same title.  If having the 2014 top Craft Brewery in the world in San Diego isn’t enough, San Diego Breweries took home 11 out of 96 medals.   Please, don’t take my word on it,  Go see for yourself on a San Diego brewery tour .